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Gender Bender is looking for the hair in the egg!
The reason for this is not because it wants to be pedantic or is determined to find defects in others.
It is more the desire to discover beauty where others normally see errors. Without offending nitpickers (which came first, the chicken or the egg? men, women, transsexuals, are we born or do we become hetero, gay lesbian?) the festival vigorously welcomes unexpected discovery and curiously waits for that moment when, from the closed shell the precious variety of each story breaks out.

This year Gender Bender celebrates that moment, the delicate passage where the tiny egg is handled with care so as not to make an omelette.

So lets light the lights to illuminate that instant: Lolita's infancy and Victor and Rosaspina's adolescence: Rocco's fight to affirm his own identity and the urgency of the future in the father/son relationship of Parkin'son: on the infinite lives of Bambi, splendid transsexual pensioner: on love found late of Bwakaw's owner and the many other stories which make up this year's festival.

This year is also a delicate one for Gender Bender, a particular edition where new projects are breaking out of their shells, after a long hatching period and thanks to the passion and dedication of many different people.

As well as the festival itself, which always looks for new interpretations of the contemporary, two other projects make their debut: Performing Gender, an international project on the representation of gender identity and sexual orientation in contemporary dance, supported by the European Union, and Teatro Arcobaleno (Rainbow Theatre), the project dedicated to infant schools in order to promote respect for diversity through theatre.



Programma Gender Bender 2013

Gender Bender 2013
Bologna 23 ott. / 8 nov. 2013 Download pdf


Premiere of LA VITA DI ADELE

Gender Bender Festival and Lucky Red

in collaboration with Soggettiva and Biografilm Festival

present the national premiere of

LA VITA DI ADELE (La vie d'Adele)

film directed by Abdel Kechiche

winner of Cannes Palme d'Or 2013

Tuesday, October 22 h 21.00

Odeon Cinema, via Mascarella 3 - Bologna

Adele is a teenager and has no doubts: girls love boys. Her vision of the world begins to falter the day she meets Emma, a blue-haired girl, with whom she discovers desire and love. Under the gaze of those around her, Adele grows, lose herself, find herself again ..

published on: 21 October 2013

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