We are pleased to announce that the jury composed of Ada D’Adamo, Gabrielle Cram and Adriana Boriello, after the presentation of the 3 selected works on November 15th 2017 at the MACRO Testaccio – La Pelanda during Romaeuropa Festival 2017, has identified the winner in Sara Sguotti for DNAppunti coreografici 2017, with the following motivations:

“The jury judged all three of the selected works to be convincing and valid, each with its own identity and coherence. In the three works we identified an interesting and original potential, which we invite you to develop. The jury decided unanimously that the winner is Sara Sguotti with S.olo, a work in which all the elements of creation converge in a proposal that manifests a completeness, but whose material, at the same time, can be developed and deepened. More precisely, the jury appreciated the expressive urgency of a heretical and transgressive corporeity, and the reflection on a body that becomes material for a sculptural choreography.”

DNAppunti Coreografici