Welcome to the Chaos

Workshop with Oona Doherty
Teatro del Pratello via del Pratello 53, Bologna
20 euro (+8 euro AICS card)
reduced price ticket: 15 euro (GB CARD/SOCIO COOP/ARCIGAY-LESBICHE BOLOGNA) + 8 euro AICS card


10:00 - 12:00

The workshop with Oona Doherty (author of Hope Hunt & the Ascention into Lazarus) will be structured as a guided journey through improvisation. It will start with a yoga style warm up to then work on images of cement, white peacocks, Manuka honey, magma and chaos, and suggestions from the works of Jackson Pollock, Francis Bacon and Caravaggio, to carry the dancers into new sensations and emotional states.

Booking: info.blaulab@gmail.com