Same, Same But Different

Short films for students
Cinema Lumière Via Azzo Gardino 65/a, 40122, Bologna
free entrance
27/10/2016 h: 10:00 - 13:00
03/11/2016 h: 10:00 - 13:00

Lost and found by Nizan Lotem (Israel, 2015, 8’)
Veracity by Seith Mann (USA, 2015, 20’)
Mother Knows Best by Mikael Bundsen (Mamma vet bäst, Sweden, 2016, 13’)
Bedding Andrew by Blair Fukumura (Canada, 2014, 4’)
Pink Boy by Eric Rockey (USA, 2015, 15’)
Gaysians by Vicky Du (USA, 2015, 12’)

Same, same but different returns to Gender Bender, with a selection of short films for students in high schools. The project, in collaboration with Paper Moon and the Cineteca of Bologna, has the objective of teaching about gender difference. Short documentaries and short fiction films that offer insights related to the family, appearance, friendship, love, disability and much, much more. An occasion to involve teenagers in a debate and an educative experience, in which they themselves will be the protagonists.