by Jake Witzenfeld (Israel/UK, 2015, 80’)
Cinema Lumière Via Azzo Gardino 65/a, 40122, Bologna
7 euro
Reduced price ticket 4 euro (GB CARD, SOCIO COOP, AMICI DELLA CINETECA)



What does it mean to be gay and Palestinian in Tel Aviv, during the conflict between Israel and Gaza in 2014? Jake Witzenfeld’s documentary chronicles the lives of three gay men: Khader, “It Boy” and aspiring journalist who lives with his Jewish boyfriend David; Fadi, forced to question his ardent nationalism when he falls for an American Jew enlisted in the Israeli army; Naeem, who needs to find the courage to come out to his Christian and traditionalist family. Through the “Qambuta” movement they founded, the three friends try to change the reality surrounding them, fighting for equal rights between sexes, genders and different nationalities.

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