L’après-midi d’un foehn – version 1

by Phia Ménard (France)
Teatro Testoni Via Giacomo Matteotti 16, Bologna
12 euro
Reduced price ticket 10 euro (GB CARD, SOCIO COOP), 8 euro (PARENTS + CHILDREN)
29/10/2016 h: 16:30
29/10/2016 h: 21:00
30/10/2016 h: 16:30
30/10/2016 h: 18:30

A performance for children, that will also enchant grown-ups. Six fans placed in a circle and, at the centre of the stage, the transgender artist Phia Ménard, who with the aid of simple plastic bag that fills with air when the fans are turned on, transforms it into a dancing faun to the music of Debussy, raised into the air by the air currents. Then the nymphs arrive, other plastic bags that the performer removes from her pockets, who also begin to perform a swirling and hypnotic dance, up until the unexpected and cathartic finale. Transforming lightness into poetry, the theatre of puppets in dance, in a fun homage to the Russian choreographer and dancer Vaslav Nijinski.

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