Io sono Mare – I am Sea

Cristina Portolano presents her book
Libreria delle Donne via San Felice 16/A
free entrance



The comic book for children by Cristina Portolano is an evocative work and a fantastic journey, reflecting on the themes of identity and self-discovery, of desires and emotions with a view to enhancing  difference, inclusion and the promotion of equal opportunities.

Io sono Mare – I am Sea – is part of the the Canicola project “Dalla parte della bambine” – “On the side of the children” – supported by: the Bologna Council – Equal Opportunities and the Protection of Differences; Fondazione del Monte di Bologna and Ravenna; Biblioteca Italiana delle Donne di Bologna – Bologna’s Italian Women’s Library – the Gender Bender festival, TCBF, Comicon, Be Comics; and crowd-funders.