Hope Hunt & The Ascension Into Lazarus

by Oona Doherty (30’)
Arena del Sole Via Indipendenza 44, Bologna
15 euro
reduced price ticket: 12 euro (GB CARD/SOCIO COOP/ARCIGAY-LESBICHE BOLOGNA); 8 euro (STUDENTI UNIBO)
02/11/2018 h: 21:00
03/11/2018 h: 19:00

Choreography and performance: Oona Doherty
Technical direction: Sarah Gordon
Performer/DJ: Luca Trufarelli

The performance has a “prelude” outside the theatre: a car arrives with music blasting at full volume; Oona Doherty gets out of the bonnet, in the role of a male figure with multiple masks and identities, and interacts with the audience, before encouraging them to enter the theatre, where the show resumes. Between dance, theatre and social commentary, Oona Doherty dismantles the stereotype of the working class male and throws her gaze upon a Europe that is suspended between violence and the sublime.

HOPE HUNT PROMO from oonadoherty on Vimeo.

Pre-sale tickets: Arena del Sole