Er Gao (30')
Atelier Sì Via San Vitale 69, Bologna
10 euro
Reduced price ticket 7 euro (GB CARD, SOCIO COOP, DANZA CARD)
04/11/2015 h: 20:30
05/11/2015 h: 19:00

Ho Qi Wo, stage name Er Gao, is an independent choreographer and dancer from Canton in China. Leading exponent of contemporary Chinese dance-theatre, with Disco-teca he reflects on the advent of disco music in post-Cultural Revolution China, where at the end of the seventies the dance halls of the People’s Republic are invaded by synthesizers, promiscuous bodies rubbing close together, bright lipsticks and wild hairstyles. A journey to the confines of fashion and the borders of the dance floor, where belonging, social status and gender mix together with clothing and style, and the individual ego resurfaces after years of darkness to see the light.