A Room For All Our Tomorrows

by Igor and Moreno (UK)
Atelier Sì Via San Vitale 69, Bologna
10 euro
Reduced price ticket 7 euro (GB CARD, SOCIO COOP), 5 euro (STUDENTS WITH BADGE)
28/10/2016 h: 18:00
29/10/2016 h: 21:00

Choreography and interpreters: Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas
Written by: Simon Ellis
Produced by Igor and Moreno & The Place

Moreno Solinas from Sassari and the Basque Igor Urzelai, dancers associated with the The Place in London, continue their research on body and gestures as a vehicle for meaning, ideas and desires. A daily ritual, like that of having a morning coffee, whose meaning is removed, is made abstract and then reinvented, as a moment of sharing into an interlude of dance that is constantly oscillating between chaos and harmony, in the arduous search for synthesis and meeting. The verses, sounds, moans, cries and murmurs of the two performers accompany their every act, their every form, giving voice to the secret movements that animate us when we are close to others.

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