The GB card costs 2 euro and will be available at Cassero - LGBT Center(from the18th of October, from 5 to 7 pm) and at cinema LUMIÈRE (during thescreening of films).

GB Card entitles to discounts up to 50% off the tickets forshows and films at 2017 Gender Bender. Besides, if you show it at ticket counters, you can be entitled to discounts up to 50% off the tickets of some shows andevents scheduled for 2017/2018 at ERT - TEATRO ARENA DEL SOLE | ERT -TEATRO STORCHI, MODENA | TEATRO LAURA BETTI | TEATRI DI VITA |CINETECA DI BOLOGNA | TEATRO COMUNALE DI FERRARA | TEATROCOMUNALE DI BOLOGNA | TEATRO TESTONI - LA BARACCA | TEATROFLORIDA, FIRENZE | VIE FESTIVAL | ONO ARTE and you will be admitted at theexhibition “Bologna Fotografata” (Photographed Bologna) (extended to the 7thof January), promoted by CINETECA BOLOGNA, at reduced prices of 4 euro.