Thursday, January 26 at 4 PM at Cassero, LGBT Center, via Don Minzoni 18, Bologna, will present the documentary Centrum Naturae (25 ‘), based on the homonymous performance by visual artists Giovanni Gaggia and Mona Lisa Tina.

The video (music by Roberto Paci Dalò, shooted by Simona Bramley) is part of a project on body and possible relationships with the Other and with the World.

Gaggia and Tina, joined by a poetic proximity and a strong professional and human understanding, with their work suggest the need to recover the meaning of the body and its multiple modes of communication beyond cultural boundaries, in a continuous dialogue between meanings and symbolic references.

Centrum Naturae is a project born in 2014, “in a moment of mine and Mona Lisa chaos – writes Giovanni Gaggia in the book “Il corpo che abito – IdentitĂ  di genere e suoi transiti. Analisi dei linguaggi performativi contemporanei. Together we decided to give shape to this inner difficulties, trying to overcome our bodies to generate another body […] Our will has been directed in the search for a center, a center that had the strength of the new. And this center could only be made visible with the body: a unique body, made through the union of the two entities; a body beyond gender differences, an absolute body no longer male or female”.